Fruit Trees

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as of 4/15/2024

Apple (semi-dwarf)-Anna, Fuji, Pink Lady, Dorsett Golden

Apricot (semi-dwarf) - Katy, Blenheim (Royal)

Jujube - Li

Fig - Janice Seed-Less Kadota, Black Mission

Grape - Flame, seedless

Mulberry - Pakistan black and white fruiting

Olive -  Manzanillo

Peach (semi-dwarf) - May Pride, Eva’s Pride, Donut (Stark Saturn)

Pear Asian - Shinseiki

Pluot (semi-dwarf) - Flavor grenade

Plum (semi-dwarf) - Santa Rosa, Elephant Heart

Pomegranate - Wonderful, Nana(dwarf)

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Are you ready to grow delicious, healthy fruit? Hyla Nursery carries fruit trees that grow well in our climate.

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